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  • Occupies a land area of approximately 18,000 sqm and gross floor area of 12,000 sqm, 4 storey connecting blocks, 2 annex blocks.

  • Can accommodate up to more than 6,000 enrolled students

  • Close proximity to food street at Balestier Road, convenience stores, automated teller machines (ATM), and the highly patronized, Novena Square.

  • Within the vincinity of bus-stops, and 10-15 mins walking distance to Toa Payoh and Novena MRT station.


Students will be able to enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that includes:      

- 18 fully equipped classrooms
- 3 lecture theatres, fully equipped with
   multimedia learning technology
- Computer Laboratory
- Language Laboratory
- Physics Laboratory
- Auditorium
- Hospitality & Training Centre
- Training Centre
- Physical Health Assessment room
- Mind-Spa Room
- Learning Centre
- Library
- Multi-Purpose Hall
- Gymnasium
- Printing Store
- Canteen
- Cafeteria 
- School Field
- Basketball / Volleyball / Netball Courts
- Video -Conferencing Room
- Car Park
- Electrical Room
- Fire Safety Equipment
- Toilets
- Study Areas
- Security within compound


The state-of-the-art Physics laboratory is furnished with the latest equipment and experimental apparatus.  It is approved by the government authorities on all safety measurement requirements. The O-level preparatory programme students will be able to experiment and benefit from the convenience of our in-house laboratory in a cosy and safe environment.



Balestier’s Campus Physical Facilities

1.  Classrooms
East Asia Institute of Management has a total of 18 classrooms of various sizes at its Balestier’s Campus. All the classrooms are fully equipped with tables and chairs, air-conditioners, projector and projector screen, white board, speakers and computer.

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Size ranging from (sqm)
1 3 20 34.41 – 35.33
2 12 40 60.27 - 63.83
3 3 60 93.24 – 98.92

2. Lecture Theatres (Lecture Hall)

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Size ranging from  (sqm)
1 3 80 - 100 158.26 – 169.74

3. Computer Laboratory

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Estimated Size (sqm)
1 1 48 121.23

The computer laboratory in EASB is equipped with 48 computers come with the relevant software for their learning needs. All computers are connected for internet use.

The computer laboratory is also fully equipped with tables and chairs, air-conditioners, 2 projectors and 2 projector screens, whiteboard, speakers and computer for the lecturer use.

 4. Language Laboratory

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Estimated Size (sqm)
1 1 100 126.01

The Language Laboratory is equipped with 100 computer that come with headsets and speakers for listening and speaking use. It is also fully equipped with tables and chairs, air-conditioners, projector and projector screen, speakers and whiteboard.

All the computers are installed with the Digital Language Laboratory and X-Class software.

5. Physics Laboratory

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Estimated Size (sqm)
1 1 18 70.63

Located at Level 2 is Physics Laboratory fully equipped with the relevant equipment for the use by the Preparatory School’s “O” Level students doing their practical Physics module.

6. Auditorium
The 286 seaters Auditorium is located next to the Training Centre. The Auditorium is fully air-conditioned and constructed with good acoustic. It is also equipped with audio and projector system.

S/No No of rooms Capacity (no of seats) Estimated Size (sqm)
1 1 286 320

7. H&T Training Centre
The Hospitality and Tourism (H&T) Training Centre is situated at the Annex Block. It has an environment similar to a hotel consisting of the (i) Front Office with a lobby and Business Centre, (ii) F&B with the dining area, dining room, bar counter and a kitchen (iii) a Suite Room and (iv) a Training Room where students are trained on the practical aspects of the H&T.

8. Training Centre
In between the Auditorium and H&T Training Centre is the fully air-conditioned and carpeted Training Centre equipped with 3 overhead projectors and projector screens and has a seating capacity of up to 60 persons in seminar style.

9. Physical Health Assessment Rooms / First Aid Centre
The Institute has two fully equipped physical health assessment rooms namely, Physical Health Assessment Room 1 and Physical Health Assessment Room 2 used by the School of Applied Health Sciences. Full equipment such as instrument trolley 24inch s/steel, patient’s gown, Litmann stethoscope classic, nurses stethoscope , blood pressure mercury, “Riester” diagnostic set, Thudium nasal spectrum, turning fork C512 & C128, snellen chart, “Riester” pentorch, tendon tapper nylon handle, examination couch, swivel chair, eye examination simulator, ear examination simulator and plastic tray are available.

Physical Assessment Health Room 2 also serves as the First Aid Centre. The centre is fully equipped with examination couch, adjustable head end with bottom rack/shelf, rehabilitation bed, nurses stethoscope, blood pressure mercury, pillow with water proof cover, blanket, bedside locker, first aid kit box and foldable 4-panel ward screens are available.

10. MindSpa
Located at Level 3 is the MindSpa equipped with the recording devices used to record the practice sessions of counseling done by the Psychology students which can also be viewed “live” at the classroom next to it.

11. Learning Centre
East Asia Institute of Management has a Learning Centre that is fully air-conditioned and equipped with 78 computers that is internet connected. The LC in short is where students have easily available use of computer for doing their research and studies. In the LC is also a photocopying facility where student can print out their work or do their photocopying.

12. Library
The library at Balestier’s Campus housed more than 3,000 books and reference books of various subjects ranging from Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Accountancy and many others.

Computers connected to internet are also provided in the library for the students’ use.

13. Multi-Purpose Hall
The Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) in East Asia Institute of Management Balestier’s Campus has a sitting capacity of more than 600. It is used to hold events that need bigger space while in an air-conditioned environment.

It also has 2 badminton courts that are used by both students and staff for sweating it out. Outside the MPH is an air-conditioned foyer that has 2 table tennis tables and a pool table for students use.

14. Gymnasium
Located next to the Physical Health Assessment Room is East Asia Institute of Management air-conditioned gymnasium fully equipped with the fitness equipment comparable to some fitness centres.

15. Printing Store
A printing store resides in the Balestier’s campus catering to the students’ needs in printing, photocopying and stationery.

16. Canteen
Balestier’s campus has its own canteen that has 4 foods stalls and 1 drink stall. The stalls cater foods of different varieties. It has a sitting capacity of about 200 at any one time.

17. Cafeteria
While not a full fledge cafeteria in that sense, the air-conditioned cafeteria is used for entertaining guests for their lunches and dinners during special events.

Normally, it is used by students for their practical lessons like wine appreciations and get together. It is also used by Head of School for their coffee sessions with students where food and coffee are served.

18. School Field
Balestier’s campus has a field that is slightly smaller to the size of a standard football field.

19. Basketball / Volleyball / Netball Courts
Within the campus is also a basketball and netball court where students can have their game of basketball and netball.

20. Video-Conferencing Room
Located at Level 2 of the main building is a video-conferencing room equipped to the with the video-conferencing equipment consisting of the Cordex and Camera. The VC Room is used for video conferencing communication with our partners’ university.


Balestier’s Campus Infrastructure

1. Car Park
Within the campus compound are 2 car parks, one catering to cars and the other catering to bigger vehicles like buses and lorries or delivery vehicles. There are 37 car park lots for cars, 1 handicap’s parking lot and 6 parking lots for buses and other.

2. Electrical System
Balestier’s campus has its own switch room from where all electrical power is distributed. All electrical appliances in the campus is installed and certified by professional and approval and licensed obtained from PUB and EMA.

3. Fire Safety Equipment
Fire safety equipment such as fire alarm panels, fire extinguishers, fire hose-reels, call points and exit signs are installed at the appropriate locations as per the requirements by Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD).

All fire safety equipment is regularly checked to ensure that they function accordingly and fire extinguishers are renewal to ensure they are valid.

4. Toilets
There is toilets at all level catering for both sexes. There are also toilets situated at the canteen. There are sufficient toilets in the campus premise to cater for the needs of all students and staff of East Asia Institute of Management. All toilets are regularly clean throughout the day and well maintained.

5. Study Areas
At level 3 there is an open space that is designated as a study area where students can use for their own studies. There are also many open spaces like the foyer where students will use as study areas.

6. Security within compound
The compound of the school premises are fenced up and access can only be through the main gate which is attended to by the security personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are also CCTVs placed at strategic locations to ensure that the school premises are safe and secured.


Operating Hours:

Monday to Fridays: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm
Sunday &
Public Holidays
Address: Balestier Campus - 9 Ah Hood Road Singapore 329975

Balestier Campus

9 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329975
Tel: (65) 6252 5500

Operation Hours

Monday - Friday
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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