Many of our lecturers are experienced professionals who come from various industries. All our lecturers are registered with the Council for Private Education (CPE).

  Full time Lecturers

1. Mr. Asrof Fabiani Bin Ahmad
Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Sheffield Hallam University

2. Ms. Balamurugan Sridaladevi
Master of Philosophy in Biochemistry, Annamalai University, India & Master of Science in Biochemistry, University of Madras, India

3. Mr. Chan Chee Seng
Master of Business System, Monash University, Bachelor in Accountancy, Nanyang Technological University

4. Dr. Chen Sheng
PhD, SKEMA business school, France, - MSc in Technopreneurship and Innovation C Nanyang Technological University

5. Ms. Chua Ah Peng, Theresa
Master of Arts - Education and Human Resource Development - George Washington University, USA

6. Ms. Danapalan Anbuselvi
Master of Science in Nursing, Sri Ramachandra Medical College, India

7. Mr. Foo Young Yer, Johnny
Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, University of Essex, United Kingdom

8. Mr. Goh Choo Seng, David
Master of Business in International Marketing, Curtin University of Technology

9. Dr. Goh Seh Kai
DBA, Southern Cross University, Australia / MBA, University of Hull, UK

10. Dr. Khor Ean Teng
PhD, University Sains Malaysia

11. Mr. Koh Yeok Boon Roland
MSc in Financial Management, Heriot Watt University - Edinburgh Business School

12. Mr. Lim Chai Hwa, Eric
MEd., James Cook University, MA. (Information Technology Management),University of Wollongong, BSc (Computer Engineering), Iowa State University

13. Ms. Maricris Barreto Nubla
Bachelor of Secondary Education, DLSP, Philippines, Dipoma in TESOL, London Teacher Training Collegem, United Kingdom

14. Mr. Nicholas Koh
MSc in International Economics, Banking & Finance (Cardiff University, UK)

15. Mr. Norman Hassan
Executive Masters in Business Administration (S.P.Jain School of Global Management, Singapore)

16. Ms. Poon Yu Zhen, Felicia
MSc Developmental Psychology, University of Dundee, UK / BA (Hons) Psychology, James Cook University, Australia

17. Ms. Shen Yu, Carmen
LL.B, China Northeast Normal University

18. Mr. Sidney Chu
MBA, University of Strathclyde

19. Mr. Tan Leng Yee, Jeffrey
Master of Finance, RMIT, Australia, BBA, Ottawa University, Canada

20. Mr. Wong Reinaldo Jude Aromin
B.BA (Travel Industry Management), University of Hawaii; MBA, Southern Illinois University

21. Mr. Yew Seng Han, Dennis
Master of Engineering in Electrical-Electronic & Telecommunications, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Associate Lecturers

1. Dr. A M A Nasirudeen
Doctor in Philsophy, National University of Singapore

2. Mr. Andrew Goh Chor Eng
BSc (Economics & Management Studies), University of London, United Kingdom

3. Ms. Ang Lee Keng, Florence
MBA C Heriot Watt University, Master in Social Science (Counseling) C University of South Australia

4. Mr. Ang Poh Lai
Bachelor of Business (With Distinction) in Transport, RMIT

5. Mr. Chay Kok Khuen Andy
Masters, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

6. Dr. Chen Guang
Ph.D, National University of Singapore

7. Mr. Cheong Cheng Lock, Lucky
MBA - MIT Sloan School of Management, BA (Hons) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering C University of Melbourne

8. Mr. Ching Meng Hui, Oliver
Master of Technology, NUS, Master of Science, NUS, Bachelor of Science (Honours), NUS

9. Ms. Chong Sze Kah, Sharon
Master of Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

10. Mr. Choong Keng Seng
Master of Business in Logistics Management, Curtin University

11. Mr. Chua Celso Kirby Go
Masters, Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines

12. Ms. Gayathri Devi D/O Lakshmanan
Masters, Ministry of Education & University of Cambridge, Singapore

13. Mr. Goh Kee Leong, Bob
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with Management, Singapore Institute of Management, The Open University

14. Ms. Ho Ai Lin, Eunice
MSc in Applied Economics, Nanyang Technological University

15. Ms. Ho Tze Yin, Jasmine
Masters, University of Sydney, Australia

16. Mr. Hoon Jong Khim, Victor
Bachelor of Business Administration, University of South Australia

17. Mr. Khor Kheng Thiew, Andy
Master of Arts in Educational Management, Nanyang Technological University

18. Ms. Koh Siew Lin Serena
PhD in Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, King's College, University of London

19. Dr. Koh Yang Fatt
Doctor of Business Administration, South Cross University, Australia

20. Mr. Lam Ka Chong
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Griffith University

21. Mr. Lau Chong Teck Jackson
Master Degree in Business Administration, Golden Gate University, Bsc (Hons) in Computer System Engineering, Nottingham Trents University

22. Dr. Lee Hong Chai, William
Ph.D, Curtin University of Technology, Australia

23. Ms. Lee Mui
Master of Business Administration, Nanjing University

24. Mr. Lee Thiam Soon
MBA in Management & Administrative Studies, Indiana University

25. Mr. Leo Kee Chye
Master of Social Science in Applied Economics, NUS, Bachelor of Business, NTU

26. Dr. Li Bin
PhD Management, Shanghai Jiaodong University, China

27. Ms. Lilian Yew Siew Mee
Master of Health Science (Management), University of Sydney, Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing), University of Sydney

28. Ms. Lim Ee Lee, Elizabeth
Masters, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

29. Dr. Lim Jia Kai (Lin Jia Kai)
Doctor of Philosophy, National University of Singapore (NUS)

30. Mr. Lim Ti Leong Terence
Master of Science in Psychology of Work, University of Leichester

31. Dr. Lim Yew Ban
Ph.D, University of South Australia

32. Mr. Loh Kum Chuen
Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy), NUS

33. Mr. Low Poi Kee, Frederick
Masters, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

34. Mr. Manickam Arun Kumar
Masters, National University of Singapore

35. Mr. Michael Thong
Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, The University of Texas at Tyler

36. Dr. Neo Zhi Yu Eugene
Doctor of Philosophy, Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia

37. Dr. Olivia Jane Scully
Doctor of Philosophy, National University of Singapore

38. Mr. Ong Siow Peng, Daniel
Masters, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

39. Mr. Ooi Yeow Lim, Patrick
Masters, University of Wollongong, Australia

40. Ms. Pandian Sivapriya
Master of Computer Applications (MCA), University of Madras, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, University of Madras

41. Mr. Peh Ah Soon, Elson
Masters, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

42. Dr. Pravin s/o Periasamy
Doctor of Philosophy, Australian National University

43. Dr. Rajkumar S/O Dorajoo
Ph.D, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

44. Ms. Seah Pauline
Bachelor of Business Administration, NUS

45. Ms. Shanti d/o Leitch Mrs Shanti Sekhar
Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, NUS

46. Ms. Siti Aisyah Bahruddin Eilyaas
Master of Psychology (Clinical), NUS, Bachelor of Arts, NUS

47. Dr. Tan Chee Beng Richard
PhD Business & Management, University of South Australia

48. Ms. Tan Hui Chin, Diana
Masters, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

49. Ms. Tan Lay Hong Margaret
Master of Gerontology, SIM University

50. Mr. Tan Wei Beng, Darren
Bachelor of Arts in Events Management, Queen Margaret University

51. Mr. Tan Wei Le, Willard
MBA Hospitality Management (Distinction) - Queen Margaret University, United Kingdom, BA Hospitality and Tourism Management (Distinction), Queen Margaret University, United Kingdom

52. Ms. Tay Mui Leng, Christina
Masters, University of Leicester, United States

53. Dr. Teo Kian Seng
Phd Degree in Business Management, Nanjing University, China

54. Mr. Tham Kok Kuan Edgar
Masters, University of North Texas, United States

55. Mr. Toh Hong Chye, Nigel
MBA with Merit, University of Bradford

56. Dr. Wong Kim Sing, Shawn
University of South Australia, MBA C Heriot Watt University

57. Ms. Yang Xiaoqi
Masters in Education (with merit), University of Bath


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