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*Master of Science in Nursing (Education)

The aim of the programme is to promote excellence in practice by offering opportunities to develop personally and professionally in the discipline of Nursing.

Programme Objective

On completion of the Masters degree programme, the graduate will be able to:
Effectively review, organize, synthesis and critically evaluate evidence; treat evidence as problematic and comment critically on it. Confidently exercise individual and rational judgment and develop strategic thinking within a framework of academic and professional accountability. Contribute to theoretical and/or professional innovation at personal and organizational levels. Demonstrate research competence.

Progression Pathway
Master of Science in Nursing (Education)
Mode & Duration
Part-time: 24 mths
Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
  • 1. Contemporary Nursing Practice
    • This module offers the student the opportunity to analyse and debate the essential underpinning concepts of nursing and their relevance to current nursing practice.
  • 2. Leading in Healthcare
    • This module will prepare practitioners for leadership in practice by reflecting on individual contribution to and potential for leadership, examining the evidence base for leadership and exploring the role of leadership in change management in current healthcare contexts.
  • 3. Research Methods
    • The aim of this module is to provide the student with an understanding of research principles, and the range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and appropriate analysis. This will enable the student to develop the research skills and knowledge necessary to undertake an independent research project.
  • 4. Research Project
    • The overall aim of this module is to enable students to develop and apply the skills of research and enquiry to produce original work which contributes to a subject, field or profession. To engage students in study which demands a professional approach, academic rigour, independence and self-direction.
  • 5. Curriculum Development
    • The overall aim of this module is to critically engage students in the theoretical, political and practical dynamics of curriculum design and development in the context of work, organisation and society.
  • 6. Current issues in Professional and Higher Education
    • This module offers the student the opportunity to explore, in depth, a number of issues currently influencing higher education. This module is enable the student to build on learners experience by critically engaging in, and reflecting on, principles and approaches of education to improve practice and enhances transferable skills to work effectively in a complex and changing educational environment.
  • 7. Developing Professional Practice - Work Based Learning
    • The overall aim of this module is to enable the student to plan, implement and critically evaluate a proposed professional education development which strengthens the relationship between theoretical principles and practice in order to advance their practice in the work-place through work based learning education.

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