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Master of Business Adminstration (Project Management)

The Masters in Business Adminstration (Project Management) is designed for actual or future Project Managers, Consultants, Management Controllers, Planners. The need for Project Management expertise is very evident. The economics of larger projects, and the changes that accompany them are important and the optimisation of the process of project realisation and change management is vital. This programme develops the student as a thinker and manager so that they can assume with confidence a challenging and important role in current and future projects.

Programme Objective

Undertake an advanced study of organisations, their management and the changing external context in which they operate.
Achieve preparation for or development of a career in business and management by developing skills at a professional or equivalent level or as preparation for research or further study in the area.

Development of the ability to apply knowledge and understanding of business and management to complex issues, both systematically and creatively to improve business and management practice.

Enhancement of lifelong learning skills and personal development in order to work with self-direction and originality and thus contribute to business and society at large.

Provide opportunities to appreciate the tension between theory and practice.

Facilitate the development of a reflective practitioner through creativity and team working.

Encourage the development of critical, synthesis and evaluative skills.

Develop relevant research skills.


Potential as a prospective Project Manager, Project Practitioner / Adviser, Corporate Project Consultant, Project Director, Associate Project Manager, Project Associate in a Hospitality Industry, Multi-Chain of Business Retail, Public Service Administration, Banking Industry, Corporate Retail, Service Industry Setting, Business Services in a Large Conglomerate or Multi-National Corporations or Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

Delivery Method

DELIVERY METHOD Top Generally the curriculums for all levels are taught over 4 terms of 12 weeks. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classroom sessions where students are introduced to the course discipline. Each term will cover 2-3 modules with 44 contact hours per module. Lectures are 2-hour sessions and Tutorial 2-hour sessions weekly

Delivery Schedule
 2019 Quarter 1
28 Jan 2019 -  5 May 2019 
 2019 Quarter 2
6 May 2019 - 28 Jul 2019 
 2019 Quarter 3
29 Jul 2019 - 20 Oct 2019 
 2018 Quarter 4
21 Oct 2019 - 19 Jan 2019 
MBA7099 Dissertation MBA7001 Accounting for Decision Makers MBA7000 People and Organization MBA7002 Strategic Management
    MBA7003 Marketing     MBA7061 Operations Management
Progression Pathway
Master of Business Administration (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 15 mths
Part-time: 15 mths

Jan / May / Jul / Oct


One Month Prior to Intake Dates
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Each module is assessed by academic work comprising written assignments, case study reports, essays, examination as determined by the subject profile. The assessment criterion varies from module to module and level to level.
  • 1. People & Organisations
    • This module will provide insights into the factors which influence people
  • 2. Accounting for Decision-Makers
    • This module provides future managers with a level of practical understanding that is genuinely useful in the workplace by covering a range of key financial and management accounting areas. It seeks to enable students to understand financial statements, cost classification, behaviour in short-term decision making and the principles of budgeting and budgetary control.
  • 3. Marketing
    • In highly competitive markets the success or failure of a product or service may be determined by the marketing decisions you take. This course will help you make the right ones. The course will enable you to analyse and critically evaluate marketing problems and opportunities. It will also help you develop and implement marketing strategies and programmes which take best advantage of your firm's situation.
  • 4. Operations Management
    • This module provides students with the conceptual framework of Operations Management that is applicable to both manufacturing and the service industries. Students will be exposed to Operations Management; Operations Decision Making; Forecasting; Facility Location; Materials Management-purchasing, inventory and JIT systems; MRP and CRP; Scheduling and Control; Project Management – CPM/PERT; and Quality Management and TQM system. Emphasis will be on applying problem solving, decision-making and project management tools in their work.
  • 5. Strategic Management
    • This module provides students with an understanding in the formulation and implementation of strategy in all types and size of organisations within private, public and third sectors. It enables students to understand internationalisation, sustainability, corporate values and social responsibility.
  • 6. Dissertation
    • The dissertation provides an opportunity for an in-depth study of a topic. It requires students to critically evaluate major schools of thought within relevant management theory. Translate theory into practice through the study of its application in the real world. Undertake empirical research in this area. Draw conclusions about the implications of the results for managerial decision-making.
  • 7. Delivering Successful Projects
    • This module aims to enable students to develop a critical understanding of the complex character, causes, and consequences of success and failure as it relates to projects
  • 8. Project Management: Theory & Practice
    • This module is designed for actual or future project managers, consultants, management controllers, and planners. This module covers product and service lifecycles, both public and private sectors; and different vertical sectors: Banking, insurance, healthcare, local administration, new products and modification of services. The economics of larger projects, the optimisation of the process of project realisation and change management are vital. This programme develops students as thinkers and managers so that they can assume a challenging role in current and future projects with confidence.

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