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EASB Open House 2013
EASB Convocation 2012
Msc Nursing (Management) BA (Hons)
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Sports Day 2014 Finale

Sports Day 2014 Finale

November 8th marks a rousing occasion for EASB as we prepare to crown our new champion for this year’s annual Sports Day. The most physically comp... Read more

Voice of EASB 2014 Mid Way Review

Voice of EASB 2014 Mid Way Review

4th November 2014 – The time has come to review how ready our finalists are after undergoing 5 of the 10 vocal training sessions at the established ... Read more

Sports Day Mid Term

Sports Day Mid Term

After an enthralling two weeks of the most must see sports competition in EASB, Sports Day 2014, our event draws closer to its conclusion as we witnessed ... Read more

Sports Day Rally 2014

Sports Day Rally 2014

17th October 2014 – a day where friendly competition gets taken to a whole new level as EASB prepares for the highly anticipated Sports Day... Read more

Voice of EASB: 1-to-1 training @ Intune Music!

Voice of EASB: 1-to-1 training @ Intune Music!

The Road to Stardom continued as the vocal training lessons for the finalist’s official commenced. On the 22nd and 23rd of September, our f... Read more

EASB Eagles and Hawks Toastmasters Clubs Joint Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest

EASB Eagles and Hawks Toastmasters Clubs Joint Humorous Speech and Evaluation Co

At EASB, we provide our students with the very best possible in holistic education, and we also take pride in our beloved student clubs as we conti... Read more

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