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Annual Partners Convention 2012 – “Partnering For Success”

6th December 2012 – More than 50 collaboration and regional recruitment partners flew in from various countries to attend the Annual Partner's Convention 2012.  This one-day seminar held in EASB Balestier Campus also coincided with the EASB Graduation Ceremony which was held on the following day . This year's theme “Partnering For Success” aimed to re-inforce the close working partnership between EASB and all its valued collaboration partners and recruitment agents over the years. 

Both key speakers Mr Mark Chua, COO & Vice Principal of China Operations and Mr David Lee, Director of International Recruitment, centred their presentations around six key factors; Education, Service, Publicity, Experience, Trust and Brand.

Mr Mark Chua, COO and Vice Principal of China Operations, using a dice to relate to the six factors.
Partners watching a short clip of the EASB 2012 Informercial.

The Partners are entertained and treated to a display of Singapore's diverse cultures.

As part of the Annual Partners' Convention the partners were entertained to a display of cultural artefacts and cuisine put together by our international students from the various countries. 

EASB Indian student community dressed in their traditional costumes and displaying the traditional Indian fabrics and customs.

EASB international students display the Singapore Eurasian community's traditions and customes with some fusion cuisine inspired from their country of origin but enhanced with local flavours.

EASB Malay and other international students demonstrating the folding of the traditional “KETUPAT” rice dumpling.

EASB international students and teacher displaying the Singapore Chinese community with a table full of traditional Chinese treats.

Dr Andrew Chua, Executive Chairman & Principal of EASB, impressed with the cultural booths put  up by the EASB international students held at the newly opened EASB Hospitality & Tourism Training Centre.

Members of EASB Club de Cuisine comprising of the EASB H&T students showing their cocktail concoctions skills for the International guests.

Our Indian collaboration partners being introduced to the Singapore traditional and cultural games.


High Tea - Singapore style anyone?  



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