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This is probably the best way to start the first morning of our week! EASB students and staff were greeted with an aroma that filled the air as we entered the school lobby this morning…

It was a mini Food Fair organized by our very own Year 1 students from our Hospitality & Tourism Management Bachelor Degree programme!

The students have arrived early to prepare their stalls, dishing out a variety of 100% self-prepared cuisines! The stalls start to see crowd building up around them towards the lunch hour and the students were busy promoting and making food sales! Some of the popular items include the “冰糖葫芦”, a snack food popular in China that is made from sugar coated haws, yam or other fruits skewered on a bamboo stick…a rare find in Singapore!

EASB aren't meant for academics only. We are meant for a balanced education and student-life. This explains why we have academics, sports and cultural activities as a part of our student curriculum, because all ‘work’ and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

This platform provides our students with a great opportunity for hands-on experiences in developing skills at planning and organization, leadership, budgeting, handling logistics and to showcase their talent in food-making! The students learn to manage team dynamics and working within resources constraint too and dealing with unexpected glitches or problems.

During interviews, many companies look for all-rounded students or students who they think can work with a team and deliver results. Some employers even prefer leadership skills over academic performance. Participating in such events, big or small, constitutes a learning and personal development opportunity…

Thanks again to our students for making this Monday a great one! Cheers.

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