FinTech, InsurTech, MarTech and the list goes on! Technology is fast advancing and converging, accelerating the velocity and complexity of Change across almost every sector and function, forcing firms to rethink their business models and the way they create value for the changing customers. Bringing their people with them through transformational Changes remains a contemporary challenge for many leaders. Hence, EASB partnered ‘Mastering Leadership Agility’ (MLA) Singapore Pte. Ltd. to offer a suite of training and consultancy services to help individuals and enterprises thrive on Change! Here are some photos of our MOA Signing Ceremony on 3rd of Oct.

Dr. Andrew Chua, Principal and Executive Chairman of EASB, welcoming our friends from MLA (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

The intellectual exchanges continue as the teams proceed to our celebration lunch after the signing ceremony.

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