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At the AI showcase held last week, students were invited to get a glimpse of what AI is and the potential of it in the future. 

The exhibit included various highlights such as Basics such as algorithms and coding, Data cleansing such as data imputation and distribution, AI and Machine Learning such as CNN and Supervised Learning, and Mathematical Applications such as linear algebra, probability, statistics, optimization, calculus and UI.


Students had a chance to go deeper in these topics through research and presentation, which gives better understanding and insight from case studies. Mr Johnson Ang, Lecturer of Business Information Systems, shared that the showcase was catered to industrial practices, introducing students to real-life applications of AI itself.

“Artificial Intelligence is prevalent amongst many industries. In essence, it seeks to complement the business processes by leveraging upon an automated workforce to carry out various means of repetitive task that an employee routinely does, as well as, providing an intellectual capability of deciphering and analysing certain pattern or intellectual task. This allows the employees to creatively focus more on value-added contribution in tandem with AI daily operations.”

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