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Certificate In Business English

The EASB Certificate in Business English (CBE) is a course registered with the Council for Private Education, Ministry of Education. It is specially designed to prepare students for entry into the degree programmes offered by our university partners. It comprises of two components, namely:

• Basic English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (BETEDP) (3 months)
• English Training for Entry into Degree Programme (ETEDP) - Intermediate, Upper - Intermediate & Advanced levels (6 months)

Programme Objective

To provide students with a firm foundation for a strong competence and command of the English language to help them progress smoothly through their degree course studies; To focus on reinforcing grammar points; To build a wider vocabulary bank covering both social and business terms; To give students an understanding of business terms, and the ability to learn complex tertiary level business subjects; To build confidence and public speaking skills; To equip students with the ability to engage in conversations, discussions, arguments and expression of opinions; To enhance students’ writing skills; To equip students with the ability to write summaries and reports accurately; To provide real mastery of English as an effective tool for communication in everyday life and business situations in a supportive learning environment.

Progression Pathway
Certificate In Business English
Mode & Duration
CBE (BETEDP to ETEDP levels 1 to 3) - 9 months
ETEDP levels 1 to 3 - 6 months
ETEDP levels 2 to 3 - 4 months
ETEDP level 3 - 2 months
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Each BETEDP student will progress to ETEDP after achieving 4.0 or 4.5 in the final BETEDP exam. Upon registering for ETEDP, a student will need to complete that particular stage before progressing to the next sequential stage. Upon successful completion of the entire ETEDP level and attainment of ETEDP Band 3 (equivalent to IELTS 6.0) for the final ETEDP examination, students will be awarded the Certificate in Business English (CBE).
  • 1. Academic Reading
    • This module includes understanding general and specific information conveyed in passages and articles. Reading strategies covered are skimming, scanning, reading for details, reading for tone, and reading to identify the sequence of events.
  • 2. Academic Writing
    • The writing activities focus on the different phases of the writing process which include the pre-writing phase; functional writing; drafting; revising; editing; and final phase. Some of the tasks covered in this module would be interpreting and explaining data from charts; describing and/or explaining concepts and issues from subjects such as Economics, Business Communication, Marketing and Management, Entrepreneurship, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Ethics, Import Export and so on.
  • 3. Listening
    • This module adopts current understanding of the nature of listening comprehension in learning English as the second and foreign language by promoting the use of top-down and bottom-up processing skills. Top-down processing skills require students to use key words and predictive strategies, to apply their own background knowledge, situational, topical and contextual clues, in order to derive meaning. Bottom-up processing skills require the knowledge of individual words to gain understanding of the message. These two skills are essential in listening for gist and details, and inferring meaning from context.
  • 4. Oral Reading and Speaking
    • Developing good speaking skills is one of the key focus in this course. Speaking activities focus on conversational fluency such as the ability to open and close conversations in English, introduce and develop conversational topics, use communication strategies and clarification requests, and understand and use a variety of idiomatic expressions. In addition, a range of useful conversational expressions is taught and practised in role-play, pair work exercises and student-centred activities.
  • 5. Presentation Skills with Powerpoint
    • This module focuses on the presentation process which includes research on given business topics, drafting of PowerPoint slides, revising and editing of presentation content, mock presentation to gain feedback from peers and the formal final presentation.
  • 6. Business Vocabulary
    • This module familiarises students with business vocabulary items often used in their business programmes. It aims to develop students' understanding of the meaning to the key vocabulary words and to guide students to use these terms correctly and in context.

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