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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Business Management Studies (Marketing) (Top-up)

The BA (Hons) Business Management Studies (Marketing) (Top-up) offers students to appreciate the diverse business environment and industry. The understanding of the production and consumption of business products and services as they take place; and an understanding of the management and organisation involved in the provision and consumption of the business products and services.

Programme Objective

The programme is designed to give students comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in business while allowing greater flexibility for students to specialise in one or two functional business disciplines to suit individual needs and interests.

The programme has been designed to provide appropriate education for students seeking a wide range of positions in the advertising, public relations and marketing sectors.


A career in marketing is an excellent preparation for top management positions as the marketing function has become widely recognised as the driving force of modern businesses. Potential as a Marketing Manager, Marketing Practitioner / Adviser, Marketing Consultant, Marketing Director, Associate Marketing Manager, Marketing Associate in a Hospitality Industry, Multi-Chain of Business Retail, Public Service Administration, Banking Industry, Corporate Retail, Service Industry Setting, Business Services in a Large Conglomerate or Multi-National Corporations or Small and Medium Size Enterprises.

Progression Pathway
BA (Honours) Business Management Studies (Marketing) (Top-up)
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 12 mths
Part-time: 12 mths
Jan / May / Jul / Oct
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Assignment, Project, Practical and Written Examination
  • 1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • This module is designed to develop the way students interpret information. In today
  • 2. International and Global Marketing
    • This module enables students to apply and expand the knowledge of marketing in an international and global context. Students will explore how organisations utilize the conceptual models, tools and techniques of marketing to plan and implement international and global marketing strategies. Students will use the tools of analysis and decision-making in the preparation of marketing plans to real-world settings.
  • 3. Investment Management
    • This module builds upon the level 2 module Investment and Risk. This module looks at the theories in investment management and their applications in financial decision making from both the corporate and individual perspective.
  • 4. Leadership and Change Management
    • This module introduce students to the leadership and management of change. Student will critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a range of leadership theories. Students will explore how leadership, creativity and innovation invigorate the change process, and how managers translate this into organization success.
  • 5. Strategic Management
    • This module is the major integrative element in the programme. It builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in earlier modules to enhance critical awareness of senior management decision-making. It addresses strategic management as a complex agenda of fundamental questions and problems that concern organizations and their future development. In order to address this complexity and generate a richer picture of organizations, the module also considers the context or environment in which an organization performs and the individuals whose actions help shape organizational performance.
  • 6. Continuity and Change in Contemporary Business
    • This integrative module aims to develop critical awareness of contemporary issues in international business. It assesses in what ways and to what extent globalization has a directed production, governance, societies and human knowledge and exposes students to developments in international political economy. From this agenda is derived policy issues concerning positive and negative impacts on human security, social justice and democracy. Against the contemporary issues of the day, it encourages students to consider alternative policy measures and evaluate the technical and political challenges of their implementation.

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