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Specialist Diploma in Entertainment Art and Design

The Specialist Diploma in Entertainment Art and Design is a 9 month course focusing on creating Art Assets for Entertainment Media such as Games, Film, Animation, Comics, etc. Students will be building up core fundamentals of art, design thinking, trained to develop core components of Entertainment Design including drawing, painting and designing storytelling, animation, character, creature and environment concepts in various forms. In addition there will be a 2 month Industrial Attachment upon successful completion of the course..

Programme Objective
  • On successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Master skill-sets to create illustrations and concept art from imagination
  • Learn all the fundamentals of digital artwork which is used in books, films, movies, games, advertising and also fine art etc.
  • Gain knowledge of the illusion of depth and perspective and how to apply them in designs
  • Demonstrate Composition and Lighting fundamentals
  • Be familiar with industrial design and greenlight process for entertainment design in games, movies and entertainment industry.
  • Demonstrate latest 2D art skills in the industry and proficiency in 2D software/hardware like Photoshop, Dragon Bone and tablets etc.
Delivery Method

Generally the curriculums for all levels are taught over 4 terms of 12 weeks. Modules are conducted in formal instructor-led classroom sessions where students are introduced to the course discipline. Each term will cover 2-3 modules with 50 contact hours per module. Lectures are 2-hour sessions and Tutorial 3-hour sessions weekly

Progression Pathway
Specialist Diploma in Entertainment Art and Design
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 9 months
Part-time: 9 months
Industrial Attachment: 2 months
Jan / Apr / Jul / Oct
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Assignment, Project
1. Foundations in Character Design
2. Composition and Colour Theory
3. Fundamentals of Lighting and Photoshop Mastery
4. Observational and Constructive Human & Animal Drawing
5. Creature and Props Design
6. Perspective and Environment Design with 3D workflow
7. Animation for Games, Motion Graphics, Comics and Film
8. Portfolio and Personal Branding
9. Concept & Production Art for Games and Film with 2D/3D
10. UI & UX for Interactive and Entertainment Media
11. Communication in Global Workspace
12. Industrial Attachment

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