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BSc (Hons) Psychology (Top-up)

Psychology is one of the fastest growing university subjects around the World, and it is becoming more and more available as a service in the community. With the increasing of social complexity in this face-paced economy, there is an urgent need of qualified psychologists in Singapore.

Both Cardiff Metropolitan University and EASB will be able to provide graduates of Psychology degree employable skills to enter careers to fulfill the needs of the Singapore community.

Programme Objective

Appreciate the blend of theories, skills, and experience in everyday practice of psychology.

Apply theories of brain and cognitive psychology to everyday learning, problem solving and human development.

Demonstrate understanding in statistics and research methodology in research work in psychology

Appreciate the application of psychology to the current issues in society

Explain personality development using the different perspectives of personality.

Evaluate psychological test


Counseling Services
Human Resource
Social Services (eg. Youth Worker)
Training & Education
Health and welfare services
Law Enforcement Officer

Progression Pathway
BSc (Hons) Psychology  (Top-up)
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 12 mths
Part-time: 12 mths
Jan / May / Jul / Oct
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Each module is assessed by academic work comprising written assignments, case study reports, essays, examination as determined by the subject profile. The assessment criterion varies from module to module.
  • 1. Health Psychology
    • This module aims to explore the importance of psychosocial factors in health and illness and discuss the interactional nature of the mind-body relationship. It introduces theories of health behaviour and discusses their efficacy in informing the design of interventions and bringing about behavioural change. This module also emphasises the importance of communication in therapeutic relationships.
  • 2. Exercise Psychology
    • This module aims to demonstrate the theoretical concepts of exercise psychology for various population and to apply this knowledge in basic exercise prescription.
  • 3. Clinical Psychology 1
    • This module aims to broaden understanding of psychological difficulties and mental health. Specifically this will involve: exploring the concept of "normality" and "abnormality" in relation to psychological health; examining and critically evaluating the explanations proposed for the aetiologies of various psychological disorders; developing and understanding of the prevalence of psychological disorders and difficulties. The course also aims to explore the evidence base underpinning Clinical Psychological interventions: evaluating the treatment approaches available for specific psychological disorders; providing a framework for students to research their particular areas of interest in clinical psychology; evaluating the concept of evidence based practice, and its applicability to clinical psychology.
  • 4. Applied Psychological Testing
    • This module aims to allow the student to experience the process of designing new psychological tests and encourage the student to evaluate existing psychological instruments. It helps the students to understand the procedures involved in reliability and validity testing and enable the student to put into practice reliability and validity testing procedures.
  • 5. Contemporary Issues in Psychology 2
    • The module aims to explore contemporary social issues through the application of psychological theory. It introduces areas of current social concern. This module also explores how psychological knowledge helps understand social issues and develop critical thinking skills through the application of psychological theories to social issues.
  • 6. Project Proposal
    • This module aims to foster an independent approach to research and enable students to research an area of interest in sufficient detail so as to undertake the research later
  • 7. Research Dissertation
    • This module aims to foster an independent approach to research, enabling students to gain practical and directly relevant experience in research design and method. It explores further and tests empirical issues of personal and psychological interest. Student gain experience in how research findings can be analysed, interpreted and reported.
  • 8. Applied Psychological Therapies
    • This module explores the relationship between effective counseling skills and behaviour change. It also improves student’s interviewing and counseling skills to promote bahaviour change in others.
  • 9. Occupational Psychology
    • This module aims to introduce students to the main areas of occupational psychology. Students will be able to carry out a job analysis, develop a person specification, identify suitable tools for selection of personnel and discuss the impact of various factors on employee relations and motivation.
  • 10. Clinical Psychology 2
    • The module aims to broaden understanding of psychological difficulties and mental health. Specifically this will involve: develop an understanding of assessment and the processes involved; develop an understanding of the clinical application from theory and knowledge to practice; develop an understanding of the prevalence of psychological disorders and the impact on individuals and society.

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