Master of Business Administration in Hospitality Management

The MBA Hospitality Management aims to develop your knowledge and skills as a manager, and specifically the knowledge and skills required in managing hospitality organisations such as hotels, restaurants, and contract caterers. 

You will be provided with leading-edge theory and practice concerning the role of the internet in tourism and supplements this with an introduction to other key management disciplines. The course will engage you in conceptual thinking, analysis and research; however, it seeks to take you beyond the analytical emphasis of many MBA programmes and encourages you to develop and implement creative ideas and solutions to organisational issues

Programme Objective

To demonstrate a critical understanding of seminal, as well as contemporary theory and its relationship to hospitality practice.

To develop personal and professional qualities through responses to complex issues in the hospitality industry.

To gather, analyse, evaluate, and synthesise written, oral and statistical data relevant to hospitality sector.

To formulate and implement decisions based on.

To take responsibility for own work and critically reflect on the experience


Graduates will have the skills and knowledge to better manage their work or to change to one which is in the hospitality, tourism and travel industry.

Progression Pathway
MBA in Hospitality Management
Mode & Duration
Full-time: 12 mths
Part-time: 12 mths
Jan / Apr / Aug / Nov
Average Teacher-Student Ratio
Each module is assessed by academic work comprising written assignments, case study reports, essays, examination as determined by the subject profile. The assessment criterion varies from module to module and level to level. The typical assessment consists of a 40% coursework component and a 60% close book examination.
  • 1. Managing Strategy for Value Creation
    • This module train students to critically enquire into managing strategy, predicated upon the objective of creating and sustaining value, within the contextual settings of different organisational forms and the dynamics of a changing environment. It develop students understanding of contemporary strategic management challenges faced in the creation of stakeholder value, the importance of integration and their implications for organisational and managerial practices.
  • 2. Financial Management
    • This module provides student with an applied and theoretical understanding of the role of financial management within organisational structures and the significance of financial decision. It facilitates understanding of different methods of raising capital, valuing businesses and how to forecast long-term trends and patterns in financial performance. Students gain an appreciation of the reporting and analytical methods necessary for good practice in the financial management of companies.
  • 3. Business Economics
    • This module enables students to apply the understanding of microeconomics and macroeconomics theories with quantitative methods to analyse business enterprises and the factors contributing to the diversity of organisational structures and the relationships of firms with labour, capital and product markets. It provides students with an appreciation of providing practical information to people who apply economics in their jobs.
  • 4. Global Issues and Challenges for Hospitality
    • This module enables students to critically evaluate the impact of competitive and globalised developments on hospitality and tourism management. It prepares students to plan and manage the challenges in the hospitality industry with sustainable developments and growth. It aims to focus on multidisciplinary aspects of the service industries by presenting fresh approaches and solutions to various challenges faced by this service sector.
  • 5. Inspirational Leadership in Hospitality
    • This module examines leadership and management theories in hospitality, characteristics and practices of leadership, with emphasis on inspirational hospitality leaders. Students will get to understand the international hospitality industry and practical aspects of leadership through learning from the experts. The future of hospitality leadership with critical analysis of issues, problems and trends will be addressed.
  • 6. The Effective Manager
    • This module aims to develop students’ knowledge to critically understand and evaluate the principles of learning in the context of the individual and the organisations. Students will acquire the skills to demonstrate and critically evaluate creative and effective solutions in pursuit of personal and organisational aims and objectives.
  • 7. International Marketing
    • The module addresses the challenges of leading and managing the development and refinement of organisation strategy in the shaping of international marketing context. Management and leadership, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills will also be addressed. It challenges students to create a plan for the launch of a product or service into a new international market, which requires students to conduct a detailed study and analysis of the context.
  • 8. Managing People
    • This module analyses the nature of management in the service sector and other associated industries from various perspectives. It provides students with an evaluative overview of the new research, conceptual development and practice in growing section of the economy, and to compare the management of private and public sector organisations through case studies.
  • 9. Business Impact and Practice (Project)
    • This module engages the student in a focussed business project. It provides a focus of preparation, practice, reflection and development, for critical hard and soft management and leadership skills, particularly in the project environment. It facilitates and develops students’ appreciation of the importance of sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ethics through leadership and management development.


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